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    Let's make things easier

    Reduce the analysis time of COBOL code.

    Improve the quality of COBOL code.

    Quantitatively monitor coding standard.

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    A + B + C = BlueMorpho


    Business Rule Extraction


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    Services supporting a fluent re-engineering lifecycle

    BlueMorpho service covers the business logic extraction of the COBOL code, the migration from JAVA to the AWS cloud platform. It will reduce the maintenance costs for your company, improve the production efficiency and prolong system services.


"What makes this tool unique"

Code Analysis

Provide insight into your system's characteristics, structure and behaviour, enabling developers to grasp the general picture as well as the details.

Business Rule Extraction

Suppresses technical code details which help you focus on core business logic. Documents this knowledge as business rules.

Detect code quality

Make the codes written by developers conform to the enterprise standard.

Architecture Transformation

Powered by a transformation DSL (Domain Specific Language), the whole transformation process is easily customizable.

We are committed to build a tool for COBOL code analysis and conversion so as to provide efficient service for enterprise‍.