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BlueMorpho can help COBOL developers quickly understand the code and help the enterprise extract the complex business rules.


BlueMorpho v1.1 released

发布时间:2014-10-14 10:10

BlueMorpho is an intelligent source analysis platform researched and developed independently by Insigma Hengtian Software with ten years of bank technology accumulation. At present it mainly supports code analysis of COBOL, PL1, JCL, CICS and SQL language, business logic extraction and code quality detection.

In this version, BlueMorpho implements several big functions as follows:

1. User permission management
It can make the system easier to manage by user permission control. With the Share functionin this platform, users can share the code analysis results in their own space with team members who are probably in different places.It can also reduce the pressure ofsystem analysis of redundant code, thus improving work efficiency between users.


2.Download of Control Flow graph
BlueMorpho has achieved the function of extracting code logic into the control flow graph in the 1.0 version and has been well-received by trial users. NowBlueMorpho developersenhance this function and provide the function of downloading Control Flow graph.At the same time, comments added to the Control Flow graph by users during browsing will be regarded as a Business Flowgraph shown in the document.

control flow

3. Timing code analysis and detection
The function of timing download and run can be convenient for users to arrangethe time of code analysis according to their own requirements, and support the periodical update of code analysis so as to ensure the accuracy of analysis results.


4. Demonstration of OPC files’ work flow
This function can help users understand the current project workflow structure more intuitively.

work flow

5.Introduction of machine learning, intelligent identification of file type
Introduction of machine learning has always been the BlueMorpho team’s goal. In this version, BlueMorpho implements machine learning in respect to file type selection, thus making users get rid of the original mechanical classification and improving their experience through machine’s intelligent identification.

6.Accuracy improvement of PL1 syntax highlighting

7.Support technical outline for PL1


If you are interested in our BlueMorpho products or have any questions, we will arrange professional technical personnel to provide you with technical support and answers, or arrange an online demo for you.