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BlueMorpho can help COBOL developers quickly understand the code and help the enterprise extract the complex business rules.


BlueMorpho V1.2 Beta release notes

发布时间:2014-10-31 10:10

It’s been a while since our last update. The BlueMorpho team is now glad to announce that BlueMorpho V1.2 beta was been released and available. Besides notes recommendation, there are other improvements you may be interested in. The following highlights are extracted from the release note.


  1. A new UI theme

A dark gray theme that is closer to the color of mainframe terminals, and looks cool J

  1. Notes recommendation for BRE

Existing notes will be recommended to the user when writing new notes for code fragments. The recommendation is based on similarity of code.

  1. Generating the control flow and business rules report.

For each COBOL program, the user can now download a control flow and business rules report in HTML format, which he/she can edit offline.

  1. Synchronizing with mainframe

The source codes could be both downloaded from and uploaded to corresponding mainframe PDS. Also support to download source code from IDE to local PC.

  1. Version Control

Every project now has its own version control repository. User can commit changes and view history. Each synchronization with mainframe is recorded as a new revision.

  1. File type auto detection

V1.2 beta now automatically detects the type(language) of a code file if the user does not specify a file type (defaults to “Other”) for that folder in project configuration. The purpose is to save the user’s time in setting up a project and cope with situations where PL1 and COBOL programs are mixed in the same PDS.

The user can still manually override the type for individual files when the detected type is not correct. Behind the scene there is a continuously trained classifier that will learn from these mistakes.


For more details, please see visit the Bluemorpho websit:   http://bluemorpho.hengtiansoft.com/signin