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BlueMorpho can help COBOL developers quickly understand the code and help the enterprise extract the complex business rules.


BlueMorpho Version Editing History

发布时间:2014-12-11 16:16

12/04/2015 BlueMorpho V1.5
1. Add new feature ‘variable impact analysis’ for system
2. Add new feature ‘default config’ for system
3. Add new feature ‘compare’ for system between two  files
4. Improve compare for BRE, add new feature ‘show difference only’

07/31/2015 BlueMorpho V1.4.1
1. Dynamic display ESP analysis progress bar
2.Add new feature ‘training video’ under ‘help’ for system

07/15/2015 BlueMorpho V1.4
1. Add new feature ‘File Structure’ for system
2. Added quick link for code block and control flow
3. Performance tuning and fix the bug

05/04/2015 BlueMorpho V1.3
1. Add new feature for system module dependency graphic query
2. Add new feature for system ESP job flow graphic query
3. Support to analysis ESP PROC file
4. Improve bath analysis performance 3 times efficiency
5. Improve correctness for COBOL

12/11/2014 BlueMorpho V1.2.2
1) Optimized machine learning function for detect code type automatically.
2) Added quick link for PERFORM statement in IDE (when make “Ctrl + left click” on paragraph name, will jump to definition of paragraph.)
3) Implemented two UI schemes, default and white
4) Added the line and column number for cursor during coding on IDE.
5) Added verification for PDS name

11/21/2014 BlueMorpho V1.2.1
1)Supports return function to variable
2)Keyword recommendation
3)Cut 120M from installation package
4)BlueMorpho server starts more quick

11/13/2014 BlueMorpho V1.2
Added function to support submit JOB(including compile JOB) from BlueMorpho.

10/24/2014 BlueMorpho V1.2 beta
1) A new UI theme
2) Added call graph function
3) Added git as version control
4) Synchronizing with mainframe
5) Added notes recommendation for BRE
6) File type auto detection

09/20/2014 BlueMorpho V1.1
1) Removed function dead code and clone code
2) Removed dashboard
3) Removed COBOL to Java
4) Added share/unshare function
5) Added generate the report for control flow
6) Added schedule function

08/28/2014 BlueMorpho V1.0
1) COBOL analysis and dashboard
2) COBOL code audit
3) Control flow generate, and BRE function
4) COBOL to Java