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Business Rule Extraction

Legacy system code are often costly to maintain, due to lack of up to date documentation and complex business logics. BlueMorpho-BRE tool offers users a service package that represents the complex code logic in more business oriented format, allowing users to understand code and business more quickly and better. It can also generate business documents automatically, providing a strong technical support for system maintenance, development and engineering.

Using of code pattern matching, machine learning, natural language processing technologies, BlueMorpho-BRE tool make real time analysis of code, and help users extract business rules from source code and clarify the business logic so as to form the foundation of successful system’s migration and reconstruction.


This generated graph can support the positioning and display functions. When clicking thenodes of this control flow graph, users will see the corresponding code shown in the graph.

Under the guidance of control flow graph, users can choose code fragments and add comments describing corresponding business logic. Program can automatically learn from the business description and thenautomaticallygenerate new business flow graph based on business logic comments.


After edited the control flow and annotation, the BRE report will be generated to user.