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Code Analyzer

According to statistics, developers of large scale legacy systems spend a lot of time analyzing the code. For example, in bug fixes code analysis alone takes up to 80% of the time.
BlueMorpho-Code Analyzer is an online code analysis software aimed at helping mainframe application developers analyze a large amount of COBOL source code efficiently and accurately. It makes automatic static analysis on code logic and code quality etc., capable of reducing more than 50% of analysis time.
BlueMorpho-Code Analyzer investigate code from multiple dimensions including code nature, code missing, data storage, invalid code and repeated code etc. And it provides various representations of charts and data tables.


Presents clear code structure and allowing quick jump over.

代码分析工具-opc work flow

Generate the OPC workflow graph by analysed OPC files.

Analyze the call tree and reference relation in specific code file and jump to the corresponding file.

代码分析工具-call graph
Automatically show the call tree of a Job file. Help users quickly and intuitively understand the program and improve work efficiency.