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BlueMorpho can help COBOL developers quickly understand the code and help the enterprise extract the complex business rules.


 Service Overview

For the legacy systems lacking business documentation, Hengtian provides business rule extraction (BRE) service to discover code that enforces business rules and make the rules into readable documentation formats.


  • Pattern based code fragment location.Find code fragments of interest by pattern matching.
  • Machine learning pattern recommendation.BlueMorpho BRE platform accumulates experience from user provided code patterns and propose similar ones.
  • Natural language business description.NLP (natural language processing) techniques are used to extract knowledge from exisint documentation, and to generate business people friendly descriptions of code.



  • Business rule code fragment analysis Locate business rule related code fragments, describe them using business vocabulary and report where they are found.
  • Business-flow analysis.  Help customers to make semantic annotation in code, and generate business flow graph accordingly.
  • Continuous business documentation.  Deliver business dictionary, business rule and flow documentation, together with the methodology and tool to keep them up to date.