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BlueMorpho can help COBOL developers quickly understand the code and help the enterprise extract the complex business rules.

Service Overview
Cost and time to market are two factors that hinder the migration decision. Hengtian provides transformation services towards Amazon cloud platform using the semi-automatic tool powered by BlueMorpho. With a regular transformation flow, the repetitive migration tasks can be identified and executed automatically. Compared with the traditional transformation, the automatic services can save more than 50% of the effort. Also, Hengtian provides customized transformation services for applications using different programming languages and platforms.


  • More than 50% efforts saved
  • Automatic Transformation – Generate annotations and execute transformation rules automatically which greatly reduce the transformation efforts.
  •  Pluggable transformation engine –Support the scalability for different languages and components
  • User-defined Templates –The templates allow the users to define different programming styles, and code frameworks according to AWS constraints.
  •  Flexible DSL –User-defined DSL for programming batch transformations and reusable tasks


  •  Transform Service – Execute the defined strategies and rules to transform source code to target code.
  • Customized Service – Support customized configuration on AWS components and code styles.
  • Strategy Service – Support user-defined transformation strategies using BlueMorpho’s transformation DSL.