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BlueMorpho can help COBOL developers quickly understand the code and help the enterprise extract the complex business rules.


Code Analyzer

BlueMorpho-Code Analyzer is an online code analysis software aimed at helping mainframe application developers analyze a large amount of COBOL source code efficiently and accurately.
Product functions: BlueMorpho offers six categories of analysis functions
·Generate code control flow graph.
·Analyze program call tree.
·Analyze the data reference.
·Show code hierarchy


Business Rule Extraction

BlueMorpho BRE(Business Rule Extraction) is the application for user to understand the business flow from the Cobol source.
It has features:
·Augment code with semantic annotation
·Compose business flow diagram
·Discover code pattern and business rules
·Generate business rule documentation.


COBOL Checkstyle

BlueMorpho Code Standard Auditor is a web-based platform to manage COBOL code quality.

It has the following features:
·Static analysis that find code standard violations and assess quality measurements.
·Support analyzing COBOL programs, with more languages to come.
·A set of predefined rules following industry standard.
·Allow easy customization through user defined rules.
·Integrated with Git repository and SonarQube.


BlueMorpho Java2AWS

BlueMorpho Java2AWS provides semi-automatic transformation services for Java applications, enabling them to integrate with and take advantage of the AWS cloud services.

·Transformation Service –
Execute predefined strategies and rules to transform source code to target code.
·Customized Service –
Support customized configuration on AWS components and coding styles.
·Strategy Service –
Support user-defined transformation strategies using a transformation DSL.